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Firewood - Delivered
Firewood - Delivered

Firewood - Delivered

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UPDATE Feb 10, 2021: We're currently sold out of seasoned wood, but UNSEASONED wood is ON SALE! Stock up for next year! Our unseasoned mixed hardwood (mostly oak, maple, & hickory) will burn great by Fall 2021 if left out where it can get good sun and air flow for the next several months. 

All of our firewood is split relatively small - perfect for outdoor fires and fireplaces. Limited delivery area. See details below.


Bundles (currently unavailable) = ~1 cu.ft. or about 8-10 pieces of wood, bigger than most bundles sold in other stores

Truck stack = 10 cu.ft, or one row across the back of the truck, equivalent to 10-11 bundles

Full truckload = 5ft truck bed, stacked tightly. Equals 3 truck stacks plus a few bundles


Delivery area includes only Magnolia Green, Hampton Park, Harpers Mill, Fox Creek, Woodlake and Ashbrook. Note: we don't cart or stack firewood. Firewood will need to be dropped in an area accessible by our truck.