Firewood - Delivered
Firewood - Delivered

Firewood - Delivered

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Seasoned hardwood firewood, split relatively small - perfect for outdoor fires and fireplaces. Limited delivery area. See details below.

Sold as over-sized bundles, or a loose stack


Bundles = ~1 cu.ft. or about 8-10 pieces of wood, bigger than most bundles sold in other stores

Truck stack = 10 cu.ft, or one row across the back of the truck, equivalent to 10-11 bundles

Full truckload = 5ft truck bed, stacked tightly. Equals 3 truck stacks plus a few bundles


Delivery area includes only Magnolia Green, Hampton Park, Harpers Mill, Fox Creek, Woodlake and Ashbrook. Note: we don't cart or stack firewood. Firewood will need to be dropped in an area accessible by our truck.